A human cathedral / by Alexandra Cabri

As an artist my work is tinted by my experience of living in different countries, being exposed to various cultures and ethics. As a sailor, I visited, with my family , some God forsaken places. Haiti is one of them. An accidental stop in Haiti has opened our eyes to the daily reality of some of our fellow human beings, our Haitian bothers and sisters. There, in the south part of the island, misery and fear float in the air that carries much more mosquitos than there are fish in the water.

In Haiti, I understood that the treasure keeping even the poorest alive is dignity. I saw there people who stay straight having only they’re dignity to support them. On my third day, I saw a human being turning into a cathedral before my eyes.

My work is dedicated to all those noble souls in the world, unknown heroes that stay in their power, even when life is trying to break them down. Theheroines I portrays are symbolic of my emotions when I witnesses beauty.