Pharaoh's bling-bling / by Alexandra Cabri

Jewelry did not always used to be just ornamental. Starting with ancient cultures and now-extinct civilizations, wearing gems, crystals, metals, bones or seeds had little to do with looking good; it was a mean of protection and empowerment. Pharaohs , kings and emperors were advised by their astrologers to collect and surround themselves with the best specimens in order to deflect bad luck, undo curses, and attract health and good luck needed to assure a long and prosperous reign. Warriors wore metal armors with power emblems and protective symbols, and even common folk would wear as much stones and metals as they could afford. Shamans knew what seeds, twigs, feathers, bones or pigments could be used for.

Malachite in Egypt was also grinded down to powder and used as an antiseptic against eye infections due to sand storms. They would put some around their eyes, and make up was incidentally created this way!

Now, jewelry has become an accessory for vanity, to add attractiveness and beauty or to make a cultural statement. I will not say that beauty is not contributing to one's life and health, but I am interested in reviving the notion that gems are alive, vibrant and capable of altering our energy field.

There are many ways in which our jewelry can help us. Wearing a short necklace will influence the whole body and specifically the throat chakra—helping to communicate from our heart. A medium length necklace will help the heart to clear up old wounds, and warm it up to feel joy. A longer lariat shields wonderfully the solar plexus, so sensitive to women (which is why we naturally cross our arms, or carry handbags as protection). Also, while fashion has not brought back the crown or tiara as a popular decorative item---and I hope it will (please Mr. Galiano would you consider it ??)--our relationship to the divine could certainly be facilitated by some amethyst sitting on our head.

The next time you are considering a piece of jewelry that is made of natural materials, go beyond what meets your eye and build a relationship with the gem or the seed or the metal it is composed of. Allow yourself to think of it as an invisible, very powerful shield, and allow its vibration to support you in your daily life.