What do we need to believe in order to be successful? / by Alexandra Cabri

Having success starts by becoming aware of what has stopped us so far and introspecting deep and long enough to notice all the beliefs that have caused the setbacks.

This is not only the process of clarifying to our own eyes the modus operandi we live with but at the same time it is taking responsibility for it.

The introspective process stars just as the painful emotions arise, like fear, frustration, apathy, self-criticism. It takes courage and curiosity to figure clearly what we are secretly suffering from. With practice, it becomes easy to hear our victimized inner self speaking: "I never get what I want, I can't, I am alone, I don't deserve, I need to be punished, I can't keep what I have, etc..." Sound familiar?

These personal beliefs that I call our "true religion" are hidden under a brilliant layer of lesser complains. I say "brilliant" because we can buy into them and get stuck, never understanding that there is deeper anathemas to be uncovered to gain liberation from our inner tyrant. This "blanket" layer of belief sounds like this: "Money is hard to make, I must work harder to succeed, Rome did not get built in one day, I need an other diploma, I can't have it all, my karma must be bad., etc...". or anything that sounds like a stop but is not so emotionally charged as our " deep dirty secrets" .

Of course this is all good for those who share my concept of success : being able to create a shift when needed and experiencing life was something that is constantly evolving. In this context what we need to believe in to have success is that it is safe to be who we are, so we do not need to be afraid of self- discovery.