Life of an artist / by Alexandra Cabri

Art is an intimidating path to take because there are no clear rules. The artist makes them as he/she goes. There is a tremendous amount of self discipline in the life of an artist. 

Art reflects life : a succession of choices, decisions, actions and the more intuition is involved the richer the experience . Or is it living life that reflects the artistic process?

For me art was more a mission than a choice, it came naturally and I felt like I had to make my life choices more complicated and have a career that I had to work hard at . Art was too easy!  

I have for so long refused the archetype of the struggling artist but now I understand that struggle is part of the artist journey. It is through  crushing down the reality that seems established , the truths that we discover, the ways we get attached to  that we get out of our comfort zone and into a creative mode. Lack, obstruction, limitation are the way life invites us to be creative...and the Phoenix always rises from the ashes!!   

Flaming Buddha