Lack/Envy/ Shame's antidote / by Alexandra Cabri


LOVE your enemies.

In your heart feel love & gratitude for your enemy’s good fortune.

If you can do that then you hold the antidote to the poison your heart smallow when you feel envy, bitterness, fear of lacking when others have plenty or you feel unworthy when other are blessed.

That poison has been blocking your bliss, your luck, your life force, your enthusiasm and of course… your peace!

It is not an act of generosity toward others, it is  an act of self-love.It reestablishes the sanctity of your heart which is the ballroom of the Divine.

Give up your resentment and need for justice- Justice is divine. Cultivate your inner garden where nature dwells and expands. Your the nature, your are the divine, you are You and that is more than enough. By giving up the story that you thought you were the Universe converges: in you heart.

Know that you are loved beyond your need and expectation. So when you master the art of rejoicing for your enemy’s blessings. You become divine, you transcended your limitation, and the ego, that precious helper can retire.

With love from all the corners of the Universe you have already visited. We support you .

Amaze yourself.