Beauty holds the world together / by Alexandra Cabri

I say I love beauty and yet I have spent most of my life looking for what is not as if I was walking backwards warding off the ugly . This is the healer, the warrior, Jeanne of Arc, the Martyr, the defender of lost causes in me:... Thank God I have out grown the Archetype!

Now I remember my passion for Beauty which can be found everywhere when one looks for it. I remember I love Beauty and want to channel it as a healing gift for others and myself. Each of my paintings are a vortex through which intuitive knowledge is accessible. That is my main focus now but In order to protect beauty I got preoccupied by what was not. The way a gardener does hard work to protect the plants from the weeds then , when it is the season , he can bask in the fragrance of the bloomed flowers and taste the delightful flavors of their fruits. 

Beauty reaches us via Love and Arts. The more a child is exposed to it the more developed, balanced ( should I say evolved?) , that child becomes. We are all children and art heals, period.