Co-founder of the introspective art movement., classically trained fine- artist Alexandra Cabri was born and raised in France where she graduated from the

Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs ENSAD and practiced graphic design for fifteen years before her career as an oil painter, print maker and jewelry designer.

"I realized that my work was speaking metaphorically through fundamental ancient archetypes and symbols. I was discovering a way to encourage healing through this universal language. It became my mission to create an intimate relationship with the viewer where I could invite and invoke introspection."AC

The quality of enigmatic beauty found in Alexandra Cabri's paintings and prints evokes both her fascination with traditional art forms and her unique, intuitive approach to creating art. Alexandra's gift for bringing life to her lyrical portraits has made her one of the most compelling artists living in Los Angeles.

Cabri took her first steps toward becoming an artist when she convinced her mother to let her forgo piano lessons in favor of Art. In Paris, under the tutelage of Jean-Claude Correria, the twelve-year-old protégé explored the expression of light and shadow using ink and charcoal. At the Ecole National des Art Decoratifs she continued her studies, experimenting with video art, animation and graphic art. But Cabri's education soon took an unusual turn..

While completing her thesis in New York, Cabri met Andy Warhol and began dividing her time between two very different worlds. In Paris Cabri learned the art of Japanese lacquering ,the restoration of Romanesque chapels and the tradition of Greek icon making. In contrast working at Warhol's Factory in New York, Cabri's experience with creation was fired by spontaneity and conceptual innovation. The syntheses of these early lessons have had a profound and lasting influence on Cabri's work. One of her most powerful works, Goddess of Prosperity, demonstrates this dichotomy perfectly. While its dramatic use of light is homage to Rembrandt and its delicate details can be traced to Cabri's love for the pre-Raphaelite masters Cabri's intuitive approach is all her own.

Cabri's creative journey had become a spiritual journey as well. After moving to Northern California in 1993, 
Cabri became re-inspired by nature. She also reconnected to a background in theosophical studies and healing
that she has established years prior in Paris. Her past experience in Jorei and Mahikari were complemented
by an introduction to Shamanism and Reiki. This reconnection had a profound impact on the artist's work.

Cabri’s instincts have served her well, Respected institutions, such as the Ueno Museum in Tokyo and the Minister of Culture in Paris as well as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Spectrum and the San Diego Museum have exhibited her work.

Now living in Los Angeles, Cabri has become a Reiki Master herself and teaches
Art and Spirit at Otis College Of Design .Cabri continues to pursue the creation of
traditional art through the use of intuition and innovation.

introspective art

Introspective Art is a quest.It is a journey toward completion that begins within.The Introspective Artist becomes a navigator of inner spheres, ancient memories and new dimensions in order to discover new truths.


The Introspective Movement, co founded by Alexandra Cabri and fellow mask master Peter Sanderson, is meant to inspire and invoke growth of the soul while encouraging a connection to our humanity, our ancestry and the universal collective consciousness. This Movement embodies a pioneering spiritual quest to facilitate self-discovery through the process of creation..


"Alexandra became increasingly aware of the Artist's role as beacons of our time, as healers and as the interpreters of the state of the soul. She saw the commitment she had made to her own healing and personal growth in other artists like Ramiro Rodreguiz. Rodreguiz states that "through the actual process of painting, carving or printing I have time to question the images and learn more about myself while creating images that might spark the introspection process in others."


A specific and unique movement was emerging. The new artist was striving to transform and elevate his consciousness via the process of creation. Artist, Alex Grey, states that when artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.


Alexandra has found her own unique processes from which she experiences and creates her works of art. "Painting is the language with which I communicate with the Divine. Each piece is an evolution of spirit, a sublime conversation and a creative birth leading on to transformation." says Cabri. "It is a glimpse into the unknown and alchemical step into the future. Introspective Art is a map, a tool and a deeply healing medium.

People wrote about AC

Alexandra Cabri is not only a phenomenal artist with classical training and exquisite talent, she is also an extremely generous human being who instinctively knows how to share her extensive knowledge and experience in the most simple, enjoyable, and accessible way. Her paintings are not just enchanting, they are portals to the invisible through which higher levels of consciousness become manifest in our plane of reality. Through her prolific work she brings transcendant symbols, the divine feminine archetypes, as well as the sacredness and mysticism of timeless and religion-free spirituality, into living form. Her paintings are an ever-moving flow reflective of the magic of the constantly evolving quest for enlightenment.


Michelle Karén

Master's Degree in Philosophy (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London (England)

Diploma from the South-East Mediterranean School of Yoga (France)

Author of 8 fiction and non-fiction books on metaphysical topics

Guest of many top radio and television shows in 5 countries